Eurasian DataViz Conference
February 9-10
& Award Ceremony
participants from EMEA, and Asia
international experts
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Letícia Pozza
Letícia is the CEO & Head Data Strategist at Odd.Studio. She leads the company to achieve its overall business goals, and the team to kick-start, strategize and plan projects. She has more than 10 years of experience in data projects in all sorts of industries, holds a Master in Data & Design and Business. She developed a 10-step canvas method to design data products, applied in more than 50 projects, and has a book on the way on the subject. She is a fan of great data storytelling and anything involving cats, traveling and wine. Letícia is Brazilian and is based in Barcelona.
Marie Patino
Marie Patino is a graphics and data journalist at Bloomberg, where she uses data analysis and visuals to tell stories. Before that, she was a writer for Bloomberg CityLab, where she still curates a newsletter about cartography and maps. She loves design, quirky illustrations, and trying to find the most compelling ways to help readers understand stories and pay attention to the world around them. She is based in New York City.
Leonardo Nicoletti
Leonardo is a data visualization reporter within the Graphics team at Bloomberg News. He uses data, code, and visual storytelling to report on issues of social and global importance. Prior to becoming a journalist, Leonardo was an Affiliate Researcher at both the MIT Senseable City Lab and Delft University of Technology's Computational Urban Science and Policy Lab (CUSP). While at CUSP he developed CityAccessMap, an open source interactive web-application intended to aid urban accessibility planning worldwide. He has also worked as a freelance data journalist with the award winning newsroom, The Pudding, where he investigated women's representation in news headlines. Leonardo is a big fan of open source data, data journalism, and all things Svelte.
Parv Chana
Business Intelligence Consultant and Architect at PeryTUS IT Solutions
Kai-Uwe Stahl
Kai-Uwe Stahl (Managing Director) I am managing director of reportingimpulse. In more than 500 workshops, I and my team have advised corporations and medium-sized businesses on the topics of dashboarding, self-service, data visualization and change. I am also host of the podcast BI or DIE and author and editor of numerous books and articles. In my private life I like to do sports in nature and live with my wife and our two girls near Stuttgart.
Gomathy Viswanathan
Gomathy is a data scientist turned data visualisation designer who’s passionate about building business driven user centric analytical products. She currently leads the design practice consisting of 20+ designers at TheMathCompany, a management consultancy focusing on building analytical products for fortune500 organisations
Manuel Lima
RSA Fellow. TED Speaker. Design Lead and Startup Mentor. Instructor and Educator. ex-Nokia, ex-MSFT, ex-Google. Author of 3 bestseller books: Visual Complexity, The Book of Trees, and The Book of Circles
Deniz Aksoy
Deniz Aksoy has graduated from Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering Department in 2006. He started business life with internships at Koç Group, and transferred to Divan for a full-time position as a Human Resources Specialist. Then he worked as a Project Engineer in the automotive industry for 4 years. On the one hand, Mr. Aksoy carried out the projects in London, UK on site, on the other hand, he completed MBA degree. Then he worked as a Software Analyst, Educational Technologies Specialist and Senior Art Director at Turkcell. As of the end of 2020, he ended his 15-year corporate life and switched to full-time teaching. Deniz Aksoy started teaching career at the Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey when he was a universite student and continued as an Internal Trainer at Turkcell. For 12 years, he has been organizing trainings on Data Visualization, Dashboard Design, Presentation Skills and Data Analytics 101 and consulting on Data Visualization and Management Reporting.
Igor Garlowski
Working for years with data analytics, data vizualization and data engineering.

After delivering projects for over 50 companies, across 10+ industries and with hundreds of people, Igor started training others to enable them in their Business Intelligence journey.

Big fan of Tableau, Snowflake and AWS - Igor leads Data Dune on the mission to popularise data driven decision making.
Gašper Kamenšek
Excel MVP from Slovenia, Trainer, and Consultant at Excel
Olympics and owner and Lead Author at Excel Unplugged. He has dedicated his Excel work to the noble goal of helping people enjoy working in Excel by helping them to master it. As we all know, we love doing what we Excel at (no pun intended).
• Microsoft MVP for Excel since 2016
• Lead Author @ (one of the top 40 blogs for Excel Worldwide)
• Speaker @ 80+ Slovenian and International Conferences
• Trainer with 1000+ courses
• Trainer with 10000+ attendees
• Leader of the Slovenian Power BI User Group
• The organizer of the Excel Olympics Conference; MasterClasses
Jacopo Ottaviani
Jacopo Ottaviani is a computer scientist and senior strategist who works as Code for Africa’s Chief Data Officer. As an ICFJ Knight Fellow and a data journalist, his projects were published by, among others, Der Spiegel, El País and Internazionale. He worked on projects supported by the World Bank, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the EJC. He is a member of the European Press Prize preparatory committee and works as a trainer with BBC Media Action.
Tore Levinsen
Tore Levinsen is a Tableau Jedi with experience since version 7.0 back in 2011. He is based in Bergen, Norway, and is one of Europe's most merited Tableau Trainers, with over 2.300 people trained in 15 countries. He's also the leader of TUG Norway and a 2x Tableau Ambassador. He has over 20 years of experience as a consultant, advisor, and as a trainer. He's been working with Tableau since filled maps and area charts were introduced and are an advocate for visual best practice. He has over 50 Tableau t-shirts/hoodies and a growing swag compilation! On his spare time, he supports Liverpool FC and are a handball and soccer coach for kids.
Prasann Prem
Prasann Prem is a Tableau Social Ambassador and a Tableau Public Featured Author currently working with American Express GBT as a Product Engineer within their BI innovation team. He loves creating data visualisations and has built an expertise in building BI products.

Apart from his love for creating data visualisations, he also found his passion in mentoring and is the founder of Tableau Buddy. Through this program, he has successfully mentored over 250+ data professionals all across the globe spanning companies like Bank Of America, JPMorgan&Chase, Wells Fargo and many more.
Do give him a nudge on LinkedIn if you are eager to make a successful career with Data.
‫Nir Smilga
Nir is a senior data visualization engineer and analytics Center Of Excellence lead at Zoominfo. He is passionate about data and he creates public data visualizations about things he cares about and about things he loves, especially music. Nir is a Tableau public ambassador , Tableau featured author and has five Vizzes of the Day. It's Nir's goal to spread the passion he has for data visualization to the people around him.He consults and teaches Tableau and data visualization best practices. Nir provides Freelance data visualization services for the Israeli government, media channels, and private companies.
Neil Richards
Neil Richards is a data visualization specialist and enthusiast from the United Kingdom with over twenty-five years of experience in the data industry. He has been awarded the title of Tableau Visionary (formerly Tableau Zen Master) a total of four times and is a regular speaker at data visualization conferences and user groups. He has also been on the Board of Directors of the Data Visualization Society and non-profit Viz for Social Good. Neil also blogs regularly at, and his first book, Questions in Dataviz, was released in November 2022.
Sarah Bartlett
Sarah is a Tableau Visionary, Tableau Public Ambassador, speaker and leader of the Iron Quest data visualization project
Tiziana Alocci
Tiziana Alocci is an award-winning Italian information designer, data artist, and lecturer. Alongside her art production,Tiziana works from her studio, a London-based laboratory for data-driven storytelling and audio-visual experiences where she regularly collaborates with various clients from all industries to bring data to life, including The British Library, BBC, The Open Data Institute, Wired UK, RCS MediaGroup, Thomson Reuters Foundation and some of the biggest creative agencies worldwide.

Since 2018, Tiziana has been an Associate Lecturer at the University of the Arts London, amongst other international lecturing positions at Ravensbourne University London, Chelsea College of Arts, Hyper Island (Sweden), Winchester School of Art, ArtEZ University of the Arts (The Netherlands), The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (Hungary). In 2017, Tiziana co-founded Market Cafe Magazine, the world’s first independent magazine about data visualization.
Weronika Gawarska-Tywonek
Freelance Data Visualization Designer & Trainer. I’m a sociologist passionate about aesthetics and usability. My 8-year career journey has led me to the intersection of user-centered design and data visualization. I focus on helping clients make sense of their data and embrace a new analytical culture. You can find my articles on Towards Data Science.
Tricia Govindasamy
Tricia is the Senior Data Product Manager for Africa’s largest civic technology and data journalism initiative, Code for Africa (CfA). Tricia manages CfA’s DataLab which supports data journalism projects by sourcing data, cleaning and analysing it, and designing novel data visualisation techniques. She is also a coordinator for Africa’s largest network of female data scientists, journalists and technologists, WanaData, and she creates content and trains data literacy as part of academy AFRICA.
Piero Zagami
Topic: Survey data in compelling visualizations, for ESG related topics and campaigns (especially around the Middle East)

I'm an award-winning information designer, passionate about visualizing data for organizations, brands, and agencies. I have a decade of experience creating compelling visualizations for creative studios like Information is Beautiful, Signal Noise, and Beyond Words. I currently work as an independent designer from my studio in Amsterdam.
Adewale Yusuf
Adewale Yusuf is the Team Lead Business Intelligence Analyst and Senior Trainer at dbrownconsulting. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Data Platform, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Data Analyst, and Microsoft Certified Solution Associate.
He is a corporate trainer and international speaker with a deep understanding of various adult learning methodologies and instructional design. He trained tailored courses in Power Apps, Power BI, Azure Synapse, SQL, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, Microsoft Excel, Azure, and Office 365.
Andy Cotgreave
Andy Cotgreave is co-author of The Big Book of Dashboards, and Senior Data Evangelist at Tableau. He is the host of If Data Could Talk and Chart Chat — video series about data culture and data visualization. He is also on the 2022 dataIQ Top 100 most influential people in data.
With over 15 years' experience in the industry, he has inspired thousands of people with technical advice and ideas on how to identify trends in visual analytics and develop their own data-discovery skills.
Keep in touch with Andy by subscribing to his Sweet Spot newsletter: curated stories of how data intersects with the world. Or follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Opening Introduction. Agenda
10:00–10:05 GMT
Alex Kolokolov,
Founder of "Data2Speak" community
Panel Discussion
Data journalism and Business Intelligence: which tools/technologies are going to be a must have for professionals in both fields?

Leonardo Nicoletti, Nir Smigla, Andy Cotgreave, Prasann Prem
10:05–10:20 GMT
Nir Smigla,
Data Visualization Specialist at ZoomInfo, Analytics COE Lead, Tableau Public Ambassador and Featured Author
10:20–10:45 GMT
Data Art vs Business Dashboards. Do I need to choose a side?
Andy Cotgreave,
Senior Data Evangelist at Tableau, Author of Big Book of Dashboards, co-host of Chart Chat.
10:45–11:10 GMT
Is it a dashboard? And does it add value?
Government expenses must be transparent! An African Case Study: how visualization helps to make it a reality.
11:10–11:35 GMT
Tricia Govindasamy,
Award-winning South African scientist specialising in Geographic Information Systems and data science, Senior Data Product Manager at Code for Africa
Designing Data Products
11:35–11:55 GMT
Letícia Pozza,
CEO at Odd.Studio, Head Data Strategist, Speaker on data culture, storytelling with dataviz and design
Alex Kolokolov,
Founder of "Data2Speak" community
11:55–12:20 GMT
Burn your slides down! How to use single-screen interactive dashboard instead of tons of tabs.
12:20–12:30 GMT
Tiziana Alocci,
Award-winning information designer and data artist, TEDx Speaker, Associate lecturer at the University of Arts London
12:30–12:55 GMT
Make it sound. Transforming sound data into visual art
Piero Zagami,
Award-winning information designer, data visualisation specialist, consulting at FT Longitude, Infogr8, Code for Africa
12:55–13:20 GMT
Designing for Impact: Using data visualization to address the challenges in the Global South
Jacopo Ottaviani,
Computer scientist and senior strategist who works as Code for Africa’s Chief Data Officer
13:20–13:45 GMT
Best practices in Data journalism. What your project needs to win a grant or award.
How we visualized the global supply chain in 6 weeks.
13:45–14:10 GMT
Manuel Lima,
Founder of, author of three bestseller books, and Head of Design at
14:10–14:25 GMT
Panel Discussion
Dataviz design and creativity

Leticia Pozza, Gomathy Viswanatha, Piero Zagami
14:25–14:50 GMT
Dashboards that Deliver: Why understanding the user is key to succes
14:50–15:15 GMT
Sarah Bartlett,
Tableau Enablement Consultant at Red Hat, Tableau Visionary, Data Visualisation Enablement & COE, Tableau Public Ambassador, Founder of IronQuest
Dashboard implementation epic fail. Why don’t we think about a dashboard as a Product?
15:15–15:40 GMT
Prasann Prem,
Product Engineer at American Express GBT, Tableau Social Ambassador & Tableau Public Featured Author, Founder of Tableau Buddy
Role of design in analytics
15:40–16:05 GMT
Gomathy Viswanathan,
Building Design Teams for Data Products | Solution Architect and Data Visualisation Designer
Marie Patino,
Graphics and data journalist at Bloomberg
16:05–16:30 GMT
From Data to News
Leonardo Nicoletti,
Data visualization reporter at Bloomberg News

Award Ceremony
17:00–18:30 GMT
Opening Introduction. Agenda
10:00–10:05 GMT
Alex Kolokolov,
Founder of "Data2Speak" community
Panel Discussion

Adewale Yusuf, Kai-Uwe Stahl, Igor Garlowski
10:05–10:20 GMT
Self Service Methodology for large Organisations — My key Learnings!
10:20–10:45 GMT
Kai-Uwe Stahl,
BI or DIE by reportingimpulse — Podcast, Video, Training & Consulting
Don’t just replicate Excel dashboard in Tableau. How to convince the most stubborn users to analyse charts instead of tables
10:45–11:10 GMT
Igor Garlowski,
Founder of, author of three bestseller books, and Head of Design at
Igor Garlowski,
Founder of, author of three bestseller books, and Head of Design at
How curiosity leads to creativity in data visualisation
11:10–11:35 GMT
Neil Richards,
EMEA BI Lead at JLL, Tableau Visionary, 3xTableau Zen Master, Editorial Director at Viz for Social Good, dataviz book author
All you need is standard! When you can’t do without standardization in Data Analytics and visualization
11:35–12:00 GMT
Adewale Yusuf,
Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Team Lead Business Intelligence Analysts at dbrownconsulting
12:00–12:15 GMT
Calculation Group in Power BI. Best Practices & Avoiding Pitfalls.
12:15–13:45 GMT
Parv Chana,
Business Intelligence Consultant and Architect at PeryTUS IT Solutions. Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Power BI community Superuser

13:45–14:00 GMT
Good, bad, ugly. Visual Analytics best practices.
14:00–15:30 GMT
Tore Levinsen,
Tableau Jedi at Inmeta, Norway Tableau User Group Leader, 2x Tableau Ambassador
15:30–15:45 GMT