Dashboard, a KPI corporate report to assess HelpDesk service performance

Efficiency assessment dashboard
for HelpDesk services

Customer: car dealer
Task: build a dashboard for HelpDesk services
Platform used: MS Excel + MS SQL Server

Employees send requests to the technical support service whenever they experience problems with Internet access, site operation, 1C, corporate email or internal software.

The information system registers the requests, redirects them to the technical support, and gathers data on priorities, dates and task executors.

The task IT director set is as follows: create a dashboard for the company director to demonstrate what the technical support service does.

The data should be automatically updated to see the performance of the department at any given moment and answer the following questions:

• What are the labour costs of the technical support service ?
• Which of the engineers does most of the work?
• Which IT services are more time- and labour-consuming?
• Which departments create most of the workload for the technical support service?

The dashboard is to have both key data for the CEO and data on operational activities for the IT director

The viewer should intuitively locate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and their detailing as well as quick reference information. With this in mind, the final figures were united into one block and placed at the top. Then comes detailing by service, department and engineer, followed by open requests. The Director is unlikely to analyse every one of them, but the transparency itself will create the feeling of control.
Corporate KPI report for a director based on Excel and MS SQL Server. Alex Kolokolov
Helpdesk monitoring panel
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Study the itemisation of the key indicators in every chart
Helpdesk service dsahboard for CTO. Rigth KPIs. Alex Kolokolov
  1. ERP system took 1.322 hours to maintain. This is the most highly demanded service and attracts more questions in operation. Whether this happens due to active use or multiple system errors is yet to be defined.
  2. 513 requests came from the office in Kosmonavtov Street, which is more than from the central office. The employees might require further training in 'computer literacy'
  3. Sergey processes 32% of all requests, which is the highest indicator thus far.

Let us study the statistics of Sergey's performance. On the left of the dashboard there is a unit with filters - slicers, to be more precise. Click on the employer's name on the dashboard to see his data only.
Helpdesk team dashboard for manager - KPI monitoring panel. Alex Kolokolov
As we can see, there are 15 requests open, 24% of tasks are overdue, and he is resolving issues with EPR. Among the open requests, he has been solving a particularly complex ERP problem for 25 hours already.

Let us take the statistics of different services - for instance, the statistics of users administration. We can see that these tasks are performed by two engineers, which is why the percentage of tasks overdue is lower, and only one is currently open.

Types of dashboard for KPI visualization in a corporate report. Alex Kolokolov


The customer likes the information to be clearly organised. The dashboard was thus created in a monochrome and minimalistic design, with no distracting elements. A design like this is harder to develop since the tools for highlighting certain areas are fewer in number.

Visualisation gives executives, top managers and owners a possibility to control key performance indicators of a department and, proceeding from the information gathered, make a certain decision. An expensive BI-system is not really necessary to start building transparent business processes. Create an interactive prototype in MS Excel. Connect it to the mainframe, and Excel data will be automatically updated.
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