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The best graduation projects made by our internship students

Trainee graduate works are analytical projects for the social sphere or business.

In one stream, trainees developed 40 dashboards for charity foundations. In another, they conducted their social research, where they used data journalism skills. Also, there are interactive reports for different business sectors among the graduation works. The best-shortlisted works are shown in this gallery.

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Interactive stories based on the open data: finance, ecology, etc.
Data journalism
Interactive stories based on the open data: finance, ecology, etc.
Data journalism
Dashboards about funds activities, needs, donations and expenses
Charitable foundations
Dashboards about funds activities, needs, donations and expenses
Charitable foundations
Dashboards, based on polls about social problems, equality, habits etc.
Opinion surveys
Dashboards, based on polls about social problems, equality, habits etc.
Opinion surveys

Alternative Sources of Energy

The author studied the dependence of electricity generation from alternative sources on traditional ones. One of the pages presents the comparative dynamics of the development of alternative sources and traditional energy throughout the world. According to statistics from around the world, it is clear that there has been an increase in solar and wind farms, but traditional electricity generation is still a classic that we are not ready to abandon yet. It is interesting to look at countries such as Germany or the United States, the chart will show that traditional energy has dropped significantly over the last 9 years.
Julia Yakupova

Big Mac Index

In 1986, The Economist came up with an unusual index for assessing currencies. As a measurement of purchasing power, they decided to choose not a consumer basket, but one product: Big Mac. The Big Mac index reflects not only the cost of the grocery basket in different countries, but also the labor costs. The adjusted index reflects the value of the Big Mac based on GDP per person. If the projected price is higher than the market price, the currency is undervalued. And vice-versa, a high value indicates currency revaluation. The participant developed the dashboard according to this indicator, it reflects the parity of purchasing value for different countries.
Julia Remyga

Sport in Russia: going down or uphill?

The author took a dataset that government authorities post in public access, and transformed it into a report. On one of the dashboard pages is a comparison of the mass character of sports and their effectiveness. For example, football is the most popular sport. About 257 thousand athletes are playing football, but there are few achievements in it. And rare sports proved to be effective: wushu, jiu-jitsu and fencing. We immediately see the connection between the number of people who do sports and their age groups. It is not just a dashboard, but consistently presented information.
Natalia Veselova

Forced or Involved Paternity

How much time do you spend with your children? Statistics claim that only 25% of fathers are normally involved in parenting. But one mini-study shows that there are more of them. The author developed a dashboard that reminds us: data visualization is not only about business, sales growth, and plan implementation. In fact, 54% of fathers have a high level of involvement in children's lives. That means that most modern fathers not only want to be with children, but also take an active part in their lives.
Olga Babayan

Meat, to eat or not to eat?

We are starting the dashboard development with a short questionnaire. If we click on the Yes or No, text boxes with comments will appear. On the market page, volumes of meat consumption and production are compared from 1990 to predicted numbers for 2030. Consumption of beef, pork, and poultry are compared on the ribbon chart. As well as its dynamics in Russia and the World. The filter allows setting meat type to see its production and consumption dynamics on the left and import/export balance. On the lifespan page, the bubble chart represents lifespan according to persons’ meat consumption.
Tatiana Vedenkova | Valentine Figol
Tatiana Vedenkova
Valentine Figol

Human Happiness Index

It seems that happiness is something different for everyone. How does this feeling depend on our age, education, and environment? This is exactly what we can see on the finished dashboard of a graduate. You can select your country and see statistics collected from open sources. For example, for Afghanistan, which is 169th in the rating, we can see that the happiness index, and with it, the income and the life expectancy are increasing.
Ruslan Gaziev

Remote Work

The author developed a dashboard focusing on remote work in Russia based on open data.. He structured the information and highlighted the most striking facts that I was interested in learning. It turns out that only 4% of the population worked remotely in Russia in 2020, and by 2021 this figure increased to 11%. I used to be sure that there are much more people on the remote. There are also statistics on age and gender: women assessed the benefits of remote work more than men. A survey on what format of work people would choose in the future shows that among young people from 18 to 25 years old, one in three wants to work remotely, but older people prefer offices.
Vladislav Kazachenko

Foundation " Eda Dnes' "

Foundation Mission: to give a food to needy people; to bring homeless people from the street to normal life

Dashboard purpose: to show managers and benefactors where the funds go in an understandable form. You can see that the money was not wasted, support was used for its intended purpose. The dynamics show expenses and a drop in revenues in the summer.

This is an occasion for the management of the foundation to reflect on cost optimization and the organization of summer actions that will help to attract additional funds
Anastsiia Korzunova
Natalya Soshko
Anastsiia Korzunova | Natalya Soshko

Committee  "Civil Assistance"

Foundation Mission: to help to migrants, refugees, stateless persons, internally displaced persons

Dashboard purpose: to inform the head of the foundation about the state of affairs for today. The report will be used as an argument for the development of legislation on refugees when interacting with authorities.

A beautiful, understandable, and transparent dashboard is available for observers from the UN and all sympathizers on the foundation's website.
Aleksey Dobrov
Anastasiia Kojemyaka
Aleksey Dobrov | Anastasiia Kojemyaka

Foundation  "Lyublyu i Blagodaryu"

Foundation Mission: to help impoverished people (elderly, homeless, families with +3 kids)

Dashboard purpose: to show the results of the financial and social activities of the foundation.

The second page describes in detail social activities - the main projects and types of assistance. The third page is a classic financial report with revenues and expenses. You can see donation channels and items of expenditure.
Varvara Blinova
Anastasiia Dronova
Varvara Blinova | Anastasiia Dronova

Foundation  "Ufimskii Hospice"

Foundation Mission: fundraising for palliative care for seriously ill people and the construction of the first inpatient hospice in the region

Dashboard purpose: to create an assistant for the head and benefactors. Users will be able to see in detail what the collected funds were spent on. The dashboard presents information on revenues and expenses for 2 years with details by items. This helps to plan future fees: what amount is needed and what medicines it needs to be spent on.
Elena Nikolaeva
Maria Nikiforova
Anna Shitikova
Elena Nikolaeva | Maria Nikiforova | Anna Shitikova

Foundation "Vajen Kajdii"

Foundation Mission: to help families with children who are in a difficult life situation

Dashboard purpose: this report focuses not on finance, but on the social activities of the foundation: the number of wards and spending on them, statistics of events, and the execution of appeals.

The head of the foundation plans to use the dashboard for public speaking.
Denis Shevelev
Dmitry Lukyanchikov
Denis Shevelev | Dmitry Lukyanchikov

Foundation "Family SMA"

Foundation Mission: to help children with spinal muscular atrophy and their relatives

Dashboard purpose: to see the results of activities for all projects at the same time. Due to this, you can trace the relationships between different indicators, analyze the results of work for all the years of the foundation's existence, and see the data for each individual year.

The report shows the dynamics of donations and expenses, revenue channels, and the geography of assistance.
Alena Sokol
Anastasiia Tukacheva
Evgeny Smolin
Alena Sokol | Anastasiia Tukacheva | Evgeny Smolin

Foundation  "AIF Dobroe Serdce"

Foundation Mission: to help readers of the newspaper "Argumenty I Fakty" who find themselves in a difficult situation

Dashboard purpose: to show the amount of donation. Their structure is originally shown on the cover. The combined table shows the details of the donations. New sources will be added in the future.

This dashboard will perfectly fit into the design of the site and become a motivator for friends of the foundation. After all, the higher the average check, the faster the money will be raised.
Ekaterina Stushkova
Ksenia Ubamzarova
Kirill Artemov
Ekaterina Stushkova | Ksenia Ubamzarova | Kirill Artemov

Foundation "Miloserdie"

Foundation Mission: to hepl needy people. It has a set of departments each of which works with specific projects.

Dashboard purpose: to talk about the activities of the foundation and report expenses. Students helped the foundation identify KPIs that will help to work more efficiently.

We introduced the concept of a planned amount of fees. Now there is a simple and understandable KPI with which you can compare the amount. It became clear what figure to strive for.
Tatyana Timina | Aleksey Berezin
Olga Tcapovskaya | Marina Akhunova
Tatyana Timina | Aleksey Berezin
Olga Tcapovskaya | Marina Akhunova

Foundation "Miloserdie": Angar Spaseniya

Foundation Mission: to help people who find themselves in a crisis situation, without a roof over their heads

Dashboard purpose: to help the unit report to benefactors. As a result, we managed to get away from manual accounting of data in the ledger and see all the information in one interactive report: the dynamics of revenues and expenses, donation channels, sources of financing, and details of the services provided. The dashboard will be used as an interactive report on the foundation's website.
Elena Rychkova
Valentina Raevskaya
Elena Rychkova | Valentina Raevskaya

Jewish Cultural Center "Menorah"

Center Mission: to support the older generation of the Jewish community. The center has a school and holds holidays, clubs, meetings, and concerts

Dashboard purpose: to transparently show the revenues and expenses of the center. The structure and dynamics of revenues and expenses are visible, social activities are described in detail. The dashboard will help to report to the benefactors on the work done. The work also initiated the analytical activity of the center and opened up new research opportunities.
Nina Ulmer
Ekaterina Pogoreltceva
Anna Stakhova
Nina Ulmer | Ekaterina Pogoreltceva | Anna Stakhova

Authoritative Opinion

Works represents a certain rating of trust in well-known political and social people. The first page of the dashboard shows answers to more general questions. Respondents talked about their main channels of information and topics that were important to them. The second page already tells in more detail about the trust in certain persons.
Ksenia Koroleva

Are you afraid of black cats?

The dashboard tells about people's opinions about the most popular superstitions: the black cat, the number 13. Education and age indicators are also taken for analysis. Interestingly, information on monetary income was also taken for the analysis. The following categories are used for filtering: analytical, artistic and figurative. humanitarian, practical and universal. Dashboard answer what percentage of respondents believe in it, and which do not.
Vera Lobanova | Nadezhda Lobanova
Vera Lobanova
Nadezhda Lobanova

Eco-friendly Habits

The percentage of people with eco habits was determined among the respondents. The report tells about the main reasons for choosing an eco lifestyle. And also highlighted about 3 main and popular habits. The dashboard also shows people's awareness of eco habits. There is a percentage of those who talk about working on the environment and those who do not discuss this topic.
Alina Goleeva

Work-life Balance

Work-life balance is an urgent issue in our time. However, the dashboard shows that despite the popularity of this issue, only a little more than half of people can safely combine work and life.In addition to the main analysis, the data in the dashboard tells about the emotional state of the respondents, their marital status and the number of working hours. Please note, most overwork. What about you?
Olesya Dovganyuk | Olga Bashurova
Olesya Dovganyuk
Olga Bashurova

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