Remyga Julia

I compiled KPI for the department and a summary of data for the department as a whole. Collected and processed data on transactions in ATMs and POS-terminals of the Bank. Generated reports to identify the causes of receivables and payables on accounts, in order to optimize the investigation process, make changes to the software. Responsible for the recruitment and training of staff members. Supervised the Bank's accounting accounts for transactions with plastic cards. Developed procedures, rules and technological maps for the functionality of the department. There were 13 people in direct subordination, 8 branches (117 network objects) were supported by the department. At the end of September 2018, she was laid off due to the liquidation of the branch. She has been on maternity leave for the past few years. There was no work experience directly in the field of analytics,

City: Volginsky

Stream: SPRING 2021

Industry Experience: Finance

Country: Russia