Shevchuk Ekaterina

Forecasting sales, drawing up a sales plan in long-term, medium-term and short-term scenarios; Administration of the sales planning process within the company (communication with the heads of departments, areas and the sales team); Maintaining a database by means of UT 10 and ERP; management of the plan-fact module; Preparing technical specifications for development, creating a list of tasks for the development team, testing the system; Analysis of operational data on sales in various sections and forms (by contracts, teams, counterparties, SKUs, etc.); Preparation of analytical reports, justifications and recommendations; Maintaining the reporting form by SKU, statuses; Development and optimization of new reporting forms and processes between departments; Cash flow (DDS); Forecasting the plan of cash inflow; Monitoring of DZ/PDZ; Participation in the development and implementation of projects in the company; Working with Nielsen (Advisor) analytics; Implementation of BI reporting.

City: Minsk

Stream: SPRING 2022

Industry Experience: FMCG

Country: Belarus