Data Visualization Award
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To unite information design and data analytics:
Business Dashboards
Data Art & Storytelling
You need to analyze data, define key indicators and build a dashboard based
on given datasets and briefs.

Topics: sales, marketing, HR, finance, manufacturing.

You can use any BI tool and even MS Excel.
You define your own topic (any topic from economics to ecology) and find an open dataset or make a survey.

Then you develop a storytelling web-project or use existing project published in 2022.
Boost business solutions with visual creative
Show best practices of data-driven decision making
Give career opportunities
for talents
Who Can Participate
You are an experienced individual or team.

Use a chance to show your competences for clients and employers, and earn professional recognition!
Free for first 3000 students from partnering universities
Practice your analytics and visualization skills and make a great portfolio!

Join our online training program, develop your projects step by step and upgrade them.
For each nomination
(business dashboards and data storytelling)
There is only one 1st place for each nomination and each group, although there can be several 2nd and 3rd places.
Plus special nominations and prizes from partners.
award timeline
Aug 15 - DEC 30, 2022
Accepting applications
Oct 01 - DEC 30, 2022
Selection of projects, shortlisting
Training program, feedback sessions and project upgrades
JAN 15 - Jan 31, 2023
Jury selects the winners from the shortlist
FEB 09 - FEB 10, 2023
Award ceremony at Eurasian DataViz Conference
Eurasian DataViz Conference
Trends & Networking
Skills & Career

  • Conference
  • Award ceremony
  • Workshops from global experts
  • Career consultations
These days will change your mindset
international experts
participants from EMEA, Central and South Asia
February 9-10 Online
Selection Criteria
How well did you visualize the data, used UX/UI rules
How you use interactive tools, advanced features, any innovative concepts
How you will define key indicators, find insights, make calculations
How you used data storytelling techniques to highlight problems and explain solutions
Visual Design
Tech Innovations
Analytical Skills
Each of these criterias may be awarded by special prize
Winners 2023
Business Dashboards | Professionals
1th place
Felipe Martins
Football Data
Open a project
2nd place
Sofia Semenova
HR data
Open a project
3rd place
Natalia Veselova
HR data
Open a project
Business Dashboards | Students
1th place
Sandra Asage
HR data
Open a project
2nd place
Folorunso Ajala
HR data
Open a project
3rd place
Karina Romashevsk
HR data
Open a project
Data Art & Storytelling | Professionals
1th place
Martina Dossi
VFSG for B2P: Rural urban nexus
Open a project
2nd place
Nicole Klassen
UNDP Accelarator Labs
Open a project
3rd place
Silvia Romanelli
Strengthen the muscles and focus on bringing you back to balance.
Open a project
audience award
Martina Zunica
Tech Skills Migration Infographic
Open a project

Microsoft MVP, speaker and Teacher of Excel and Dashboards

Power Platform Expert, Microsoft MVP, Sr. Director NA at Stridely Solutions, Founder at Insight2Actions Inc.

Dataviz, Infographics, Dashboard Trainer İnfografik ve Etkili Sunum, Veri Görselleștirme, Dashboard Tasarımı Eğitmeni

Karen Abecia
Vivek Patel
Deniz Aksoy
Tableau Trainer & Data Engineering expert (contractor) — make successful data driven decisions, Founder of London Business Intelligence Forum

Igor Garlowski
Tableau Jedi at Inmeta, Norway Tableau User Group Leader, 2x Tableau Ambassador

Tore Levinsen
Microsoft Certified Power BI trainer, Business Insights SME at bp, founder Zen of Analytics

Tarigulu Khasizada
Consultant I Professor > Senior Data Visualization I Data Storytelling I Data literacy expert I PhD Candidate

Product Owner | Project Manager | Business Intelligence Products | Data Visualization | Data Literacy | Data storytelling


Inspiring creative vision through passion and curiosity. Insights on Art, Design, UX, History, Data Visualization and Visual Culture.

Data Visualization Lead at QIMA, 3x Tableau Public Ambassador, Information is Beautiful Awards'22 shortlist, Iron Viz'21 finalist and Top 5 authors on Tableau Public with the most favourited vizzes
Data | Visual Storytelling, data visualization reporter at Bloomberg News

Ignasi Alcalde
Paulina Sanak-Listwan
Manuel Lima
Pradeep Kumar G
Leonardo Nicoletti
Malofiej Award and The Pudding Cup Winner, Data Visualization Designer and Data Scientist

Microsoft MVP, Power BI Trainer, Capability Lead at Cognizant MBG, Blogger

Product Manager at PowerViz, Researcher, DataViz influencer

Data Visualization Designer at Climate Policy Initiative, Data journalist at AFP

Economist, Data Visualization and Presentation Skills Specialist, founder of PolicyViz, author of "Better Data Visualizations" book

United States
Mohamad Waked
Steve Campbell
Kavita Behera
Julia Janicki
Jonathan Schwabish

Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate, Power BI and Tableau Specialist, DataViz Contest Winner, Speaker, Trainer

Ricardo Tranquilli Navarro

Data Visualization Designer, Senior Tableau Consultant at Accenture, TDS author


2DataViz Community Lead for South Europe @ Cognizant. DataViz evangelist and Qlik Partner Ambassador

Specialist in Power BI, DAX and Dashboard Design, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Associate Data Analyst, founder of Power BI Experience, dataviz influencer

Infographics designer, Visual Journalist, Data visualization specialist

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Team Lead Business Intelligence Analysts at dbrownconsulting

Design and consulting in information graphics, datavisualization trainer in Gobelins

Weronika Gawarska-Tywonek
Juan Pedro Barroso Rodríguez
Leonardo Karpinski
Anibal Maiz Caceres
Adewale Yusuf
Marlene Dorgny
Product Engineer at American Express GBT, Tableau Social Ambassador & Tableau Public Featured Author, Founder of Tableau Buddy

Tableau Tech Lead, Tableau Ambassador, 3x Tableau Certified, Director at iTech Talents Solutions

Data Visualization Specialist at ZoomInfo, Analytics COE Lead, Tableau Public Ambassador and Featured Author

Founder of Computergaga, Excel & Power BI instructor, author and Microsoft MVP

United Kingdom
Prasann Prem
Marcelo Has
‫Nir Smilga
Alan Murray
Master Teacher at Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Humanities

Attila Bátorfy
Founder and Principal Mentor at SQL Down Under, Long-term Microsoft MVP and member of the Regional Director program

Greg Low
Head of BI & Insights at efood of Delivery Hero, analytics professional & mentor

Data Visualization and Data Storytelling expert, Power BI Trainer and coach, popular blogger

Data visualization & Storytelling Specialist. Graduated from Business and Marketing. Featured Tableau Public Author.

Microsoft MVP, Data engineer and consultant, Speaker, Blogger, Principal Engineer in ClearPoint

New Zealand
Founder of Resagratia, Tableau Public Ambassador, visual artist and an information architect


2x Tableau Social Ambassador, Data Visualization Engineer at Expedia Group, Co-Leader of Tableau Buddy Talks


Michalis Konstantoulakis
Mara Pereira
Lucia Stefanuto
Asanka Padmakumara
Tobi Williams Babatunde
Vani Agarwal
Data & Information | DataViz Enthusiast | Knowledge Advocate & Data Lover | Master in Big Data Analytics |

Data Visualization and Data Storytelling expert, Power BI Instructor, Microsoft Certified, Partner in Consulting of Data Analytics
Co-founder of My Online Training Hub, Microsoft MVP and Excel and Power BI trainer with a background in accounting
Principal UX Architect and Information Designer, former AWS, IBM, book author

Independent Data Visualisation Expert, Design consultant, Trainer, Lecturer at UCL (UK), Author, Speaker, and Researcher

Physics PhD in love with visual communication. The founder of Belgian information design agency Baryon, creating online and offline infographics, innovative data visualizations and engaging visual stories
Alicia Rabadan
Tainá Tissot
Mynda Treacy
Noah Iliinsky
Andy Kirk
Koen Van den Eeckhout
Manuel Lima
RSA Fellow. TED Speaker. Design Lead and Startup Mentor. Instructor and Educator. ex-Nokia, ex-MSFT, ex-Google. Author of 3 bestseller books: Visual Complexity, The Book of Trees, and The Book of Circles
Leonardo Nicoletti
Leonardo is a data visualization reporter within the Graphics team at Bloomberg News. He uses data, code, and visual storytelling to report on issues of social and global importance. Prior to becoming a journalist, Leonardo was an Affiliate Researcher at both the MIT Senseable City Lab and Delft University of Technology's Computational Urban Science and Policy Lab (CUSP). While at CUSP he developed CityAccessMap, an open source interactive web-application intended to aid urban accessibility planning worldwide. He has also worked as a freelance data journalist with the award winning newsroom, The Pudding, where he investigated women's representation in news headlines. Leonardo is a big fan of open source data, data journalism, and all things Svelte.
Paulina Sanak-Listwan
Paulina is an experienced business analyst, passionate about leveraging data to support people’s and organizations’ growth. She uses her strengths in delivering high quality Business Intelligence products and promotes data as fuel for better strategy planning and execution. She worked for HSBC, T-Mobile, RBS, Cisco as Data and Business Analyst. Later on she started her journey as external consultant and she helped clients in their Business Intelligence transformation. Currently, as a Product Owner she ensures that the delivered data products meet clients’ expectations. Moreover, she willingly shares her knowledge. She lectures Data Storytelling at postgraduate studies at Warsaw University of Technology and occasionally speaks at conferences on the practical use of data in organizational processes.
Pradeep Kumar G
Data Visualization Lead at QIMA, India.
3x Tableau Public Ambassador, Information is Beautiful Awards'22 shortlist, Iron Viz'21 finalist and Top 5 authors on Tableau Public with the most favourited vizzes.

Ignasi Alcalde
PhD student at La Salle Ramon Llull University in Data viz & data literacy and member of the DS4DS (Data Science for the Digital Society) research group.
Associate Professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and ie University in the Master's Degree in Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, teaching Data Visualization adn data storytelling.
Data trainer accredited by the Open Data Institute UK and community award 2018 at the Information is Beautiful Awards.
Ignasi is the author of the book: Information visualization: from data to knowledge published by the UOC publishing house ( only in spanish)
Koen Van den Eeckhout
Koen Van den Eeckhout is a physics PhD in love with visual communication. He is the founder of Belgian information design agency Baryon, creating online and offline infographics, innovative data visualizations and engaging visual stories.
Mynda Treacy
Co-founder of My Online Training Hub, Microsoft MVP and Excel and Power BI trainer with a background in accounting
Andy Kirk
Andy Kirk is an independent data visualisation expert: design consultant, trainer, lecturer, author, speaker, and researcher. He is editor of and host of the ‘Explore Explain’ video and podcast series. He’s worked with clients including Apple, Arsenal FC, Google, EU Council, and Pfizer, and has conducted over 350 training courses. Andy is an adjunct lecturer at UCL (UK) and author, the most recent title was published in 2019: ‘Visualising Data: A Handbook for Data Driven Design (2nd edition)’.
Tainá Tissot
Tainá Tissot has expertise as a consultant in big companies solving problems in several segments. A year ago, she participated in competitions and challenges that led her to the podium and gained recognition with Power BI projects. Leader of multidisciplinary teams, she spent 6 years at Globo and recently received an invitation to join the Telecom Company, TIM. Specialist in BI, she also works in companies around Brazil and abroad as a partner at Bee Simples ( and with a focus on training, at ProgramaDados ( Her goal is to help new professionals on answering business questions, analyzing data and communicating insights effectively.
Noah Iliinsky
Noah Iliinsky believes in the power of intentionally crafted communication. He has spent over a 15 years researching, writing, and speaking about best practices for designing visualizations and diagrams. He is a frequent speaker in both industry and academic contexts.

Noah was the first designer and PM for the AWS visualization tool QuickSight. He is the co-author of Designing Data Visualizations and technical editor of, and a contributor to, Beautiful Visualization, published By O’Reilly Media. He was the first designer and PM for AWS QuickSight. He has a master’s in Technical Communication from the University of Washington, and a bachelor’s in Physics from Reed Col