The Guideline for Power BI

3 sales dashboard examples
8 backgrounds for a fast layout
7 of the most popular chart templates
Customize your data faster and smarter!

Are you exhausted from guessing what your customer is going to like?

Do they ask you time after time to change charts and colours? Do you need to add or remove captions?
You aren’t a designer, and you aren’t familiar with "the right way."
Despite your best efforts, it’s still not "good enough".

The Guideline will make your work easier

For beginner analysts
It helps to save time and avoid mistakes. Use templates, enter your own data and change the text.
For experienced developers
You make your technical part and add professional design. Your efforts would be appreciated by the company.
Our Guideline is a collection of diagrams, backgrounds, and navigation panels with the same color scheme and font set. It is based on international standards and the works of Alex Kolokolov.

So, now you know how to make it "good enough".

Use cases of the Guideline

Structure of the Guideline

Based on 13 years of experience in implementing BI systems, we have made a best practice squeeze: 20% of the content that you will get, 80% of the result.
7 of the most popular chart templates
90% of group reporting is made up of it. Visuals have already been designed — just copy and paste them onto your sheet.
8 backgrounds for a fast layout design
You don’t need to align by pixel, you just take the right modular grid and fill it with charts.
3 sales dashboard examples
You have cases with different content. Based on the examples, you will create your own author’s reports.

Test now: demo

Click the dashboard pages to explore the guideline

How it works

Step 1
Choose required layout according to the modular grid. Change the titles in it or adapt the blocks to the size
Step 2
Pick the right type of chart from the visualisation compass
Step 3
Paste the chart into your report and replace
data fields
Step 4
Add cards with key indicators
Step 5
Assemble it all into a ready-to-use dashboard: functional, stylish and accurate
Price 90$
59 $
  • 7 of the most popular chart templates
  • 8 backgrounds for a fast layout
  • 3 sales dashboard examples
  • Manuals for using the guideline
  • Professional dashboard in 15 minutes
The Guideline for Power BI

Start creating smart and attractive reports

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What people say about us

  • The Guideline is an incredible thing! Captures so many of the layout issues! Thank you a lot @akolokolov to you and your team!
    Anika Pushkareva
    Project manager
  • Many thanks to you! Now I do everything in half the time and submit my reports not only on time, but much earlier. Great product!
    Olga Portaskina
  • Your guideline was recommended to me by my manager. Yes, he didn't really like my reports before.
    I would quote " Everything about you is very chaotic, scattered and out of order. I can't get your charts at all."

    I was sceptical when I got the guideline.

    So, attention please, I took MY report and ran it through the guideline) Now everyone is happy, and I am thrilled!
    Elisabeth Melko
    Assistant to the Head of the ACSPA
  • When I found out about the guideline, I didn't immediately understand what it really was, but after the webinar, I bought it without a second thought.

    Now I set up my charts in literally two clicks - a delight! Honestly, my colleagues even get a little annoyed when they see the speed of the work) All thanks to your guideline)
    Alexei Gordeev
    Project manager sales department

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