internship in data2speak
Dedicated to Make Your Data Speak 2024 competition
Start February 18, 2024
Free participation
1 month of workshops
4 cases in the portfolio
Who are looking for analysts working on the result. Or they want to pump their employees
For those who work with data in their profession, but have already outgrown their current position
Experienced analysts
For those who want to get the skills to enter the profession and work experience in the project team
Junior analysts
internship format
The online course offers recorded sessions and weekly Saturday 2 hours workshops. All sessions can be accessed as recordings.
After each webinar, an assignment is given for independent work and to reinforce the knowledge acquired.
The training is completely free. Your only responsibilities are to watch the lessons, attend workshops, and submit homework assignments.
Practical experience on a real project with the opportunity to win a cash prize; in 2024, the fund amounts to $ 5,000.
Training Format
Interesting practice
Free education
Opportunity to win 5 000 $
Internship timeline
Feb 01-16, 2024
Accepting applications and performing entrance tests
Feb 16-18, 2024
Announcement of selection results
Feb 19 - march 18, 2024
Main stage of training
Submit your work to the competition by April 01, 2024
Award ceremony at Eurasian DataViz Conference Online
May 10, 2024
Test task
You have to pass test before admission: it does not require knowledge of BI platforms, Excel proficiency is enough.

You will receive a dataset on a specific topic, as well as an image of the dashboard that should be created.

Your task is to replicate the dashboard in any program that is convenient for you.
Introduction to Basics. Practice in Excel
Feb 19-25
Workshop: We will study types of reports, examine the basic rules of visualization, and learn the fundamentals of building dashboards in Excel.

Practice: Your first interactive dashboard in Excel.
Week 1
Learning to Work with Power BI
Feb 26 - March 03
Online Course: We will learn to work with the new tool, Power BI, and understand the features of building dashboards in it.
Practice: You will build your first dashboard in Power BI.

Workshop: We will examine real-life cases and delve into the "Data Storytelling" report format.
Week 2
Storytelling Project: Collection of Surveys
March 04-10
This week we are starting work on the graduation project.
Task of the Week: Choose a survey topic. Collect questions that fit your theme.

Workshop: We will go over your topics and make adjustments to the surveys.
Week 3
Building the project. 2 iterations
March 11-24
In the fourth week, you will gather data for the survey and create the first version of your storytelling project.
Workshop: We will analyze your projects and study the AIDA method and its effective application in storytelling.

The last week is given to you for refining the project and recording its presentation.
Week 4-5
You will have a completed storytelling project for which you will gather data from surveys and build your dashboard in any convenient BI system.
Graduation project
As a result, you put together a project that you can submit for participation in Award 2024 and win $ 5,000
After submitting your application, you will receive instructions for the test task by email, send it before February 18!
Good luck!

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Yes, firstly, then we are absolutely sure that you really want the internship. Secondly, we track your point A, before the internship.